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What We Offer

Education Psychology Assessment

To assist us in knowing what our pupils need to help them learn, we commission an Education Psychologist to do an up to date Education Psychology Assessment for each new pupil. The results of the Assessment help us to ensure the right strategies are in place and to refer to other professionals if needed. The results are also shared with other appropriate professionals to ensure cohesive working.

School Counsellor

To complement our therapeutic education provision, we commission our own school counsellor for pupils to access weekly, or fortnightly should they wish to do so.

Our counsellor has a range of experience working with children who have mental health issues, attachment difficulties and who have experienced trauma and is also a member of the BACP.

The pupils will have a choice as to whether they would like to see the counsellor or not, so the option is entirely theirs and will be offered on the day. The sessions are confidential between the pupil and the counsellor, unless any safeguarding / child protection concerns are raised.

We would not want our service to interfere with any other therapeutic input the pupils may be having so we will liaise with all agencies concerned to ensure the best possible outcomes for our pupils.

Out of Hours Support

Sometimes parents and carers may feel that they would benefit from extra support if they have concerns about a young person. Sometimes, when it is out of hours, it can be hard to get anyone on the end of a phone. If a parent or carer feels that they are experiencing a particularly difficult time they can contact the headteacher or School Operations Manager to discuss whether some extra phone contact outside of hours would be beneficial in helping towards positive change.

EHC Plans

Cherry Tree caters mainly for those pupils whose needs are not currently being met by either a mainstream, special or independent school within the area that they live. Most pupils who have complex and additional needs to help them learn will already have an Education and Health Care Plan. However, to ensure that those who need an EHC Plan have one, we offer to take the lead on pulling all information together to complete the relevant documents to ensure pupil’s needs are outlined, recorded and reviewed. Cherry Tree staff have a vast amount of experience of working closely with colleagues in Local Authorities and relevant departments to ensure this work is completed smoothly and efficiently.

We ensure that an experienced member of staff will lead any EHC Plan meetings and or reviews.

All pupils also have an Individual Learning Plan that will work alongside all other relevant educational documents and will be reviewed either termly or bi-termly depending on the needs of the individual.

Pupil Premium

We aim to ensure that every child leaves Cherry Tree as a happy and curious learner with a determination to succeed in life. We want them to develop self-confidence and resilience which will enable them to take learning risks and become more confident learners. We use Pupil Premium to address various barriers to learning that enables our pupils to engage in and enjoy their learning. Pupils all engage in regular evaluations and meetings regarding their curriculum and can voice their thoughts and ideas to enhance their own curriculum. Pupil involvement in designing the curriculum has resulted in music tuition, school trips, upcycling and individual projects.

Moving On

Some pupils need more time than others to catch up, work through their learning barriers and to be ready to engage in bigger groups and / or mainstream schools. However, some pupils may be ready to move on faster than others. To ensure that Cherry Tree continues to be the right provision for pupils, discussions will take place at every PEP and EHC Plan Review to identify and start planning any future potential moves. This will not only ensure that there is a smooth transition plan in place but that everyone including the child, is involved in the decision making about their future.

Consultation and Training for Independent Special Schools

Are you looking to start your own independent school, or do you want to take your school to the next level? Do you need an objective observer to clearly define what you need to do? Do you need to revisit your ethos and intentions and create a more adhesive culture? Do you have a time scale?

Whatever your need, our creative team and ‘can do’ approach can help you. We have many years of experience in setting up schools and provisions, designing and implementing whole school systems, writing policies and procedures and implementing training and support. Our team will work with you to ensure your school can meet its targets and ultimately your pupils can reach their potential.

Some of the areas we can offer consultation and training around are:

  • Bespoke Assessments
  • Reflective Practice and Self-evaluation
  • Whole School Improvements
  • Whole School Assertiveness
  • Behaviour Management Systems and Procedures