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About Us

About Us - Cherry Tree Education

Our school ethos is to value all pupil's skills and abilities beyond the cognitive. Pupils voices are valued and are at the heart of, and a part of every decision we make.


What We Do

What We Do - Cherry Tree Education

Square pegs do not fit into round holes so why keep trying the same? For some children, the traditional classroom setting does not work and can create even further barriers to their learning.


Message from Jay Blades

Click the image below to view the encouraging video message from Jay Blades (BBC's The Repair Shop) about the work done in their upcycling sessions.

Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures - Cherry Tree Education

Click below to view a list of our Policies & Procedures. For a full list of, or for further information about our policies and procedures please email Soo Finn.


Contact Us

Contact Us - Cherry Tree Education

If you would like to contact us, you can either call Soo on 07710 548733, Emma on 07745 354498 otherwise contact Soo Finn or Emma Brown via email.